Black web design companies

Black website design companies

In a search for black website design companies, 6Ninety9 Web Design appears in the top 6 of Google. This is beyond amazing, since the company opened in 2020. 6Ninety9 is a top web design company located in Baltimore, Maryland. They are new, but are a common name to many black entrepreneurs. 6Ninety9 Web Design was founded in June of 2020, during the COVID-19 pandemic. Most people don’t know this, but 6Ninety9 Web Design is a subsidiary of Conglomerate Marketing. Conglomerate Marketing was recently named NJ’s best SME Marketing Agency of 2020. The launch of 6Ninety9 in 2020 was successful and the company has grown quickly. 6Ninety9 has clients in Arizona, Florida, Maryland, Pennsylvania and New Jersey. They are based in Baltimore, but serve small businesses across the country.

In 2021, due to rapid growth, 6Ninety9 opened a 2nd location in Wilmington, DE. This office was opened in September of 2021 and already has served several dozens of clients in just a few months. They’ve expanded their services and hired new employees for this location – with plans to add to their team in 2022.

What separates 6Ninety9 from other web designers, goes beyond their amazing designs. They have developed a streamlined approach to design and gather information needed for a website. This method saves time and improves communication between the client and designer. Also, 6Ninety9 designs websites within 2-4 weeks. Lastly, what makes them unique, are their added services; website management, SEO and Google Boosting. They ensure their clients are found immediately on Google after completing the website. If you haven’t already, take a look at 6Ninety9 Web Design for your next website design.

6Ninety9’s Pro Tip

At 6Ninety9 we have a process we use to help businesses drive dozens of new reviews, decrease bad reviews and strategically address any bad reviews that come through in a timely manner. Drop us a message and we’ll share our knowledge with you.

A Helping Hand to Small Businesses

At 6Ninety9, our goal is not to just design your website, but help you reach customers and grow your business.

To learn more about our collaboration process, contact us at 302.468.5010 or visit our website for a free consultation:

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